We are a company that is flexible and attentive to customers’ needs.

We have created our own line of cups and tumblers for ice cream parlors, taking care of design and quality.
Our strong point is the possibility of opting for biodegradable plastic for those who share our focus on environmental issues.
All lines of cups and glasses are available in different sizes and colors with the possibility of being customized with your own logo, even in the biodegradable version.

To have a leadtime zero and to facilitate tidiness and organization in your ice cream parlors, we propose a fixed color for each size; in addition, transparent and white are available for almost all products, colors always trendy and requested.
We stand out for the quality of our products with fast and accurate delivery times: our technology allows us to quickly develop your requests.
We are available for every need, you just have to contact us!

Attentive to environmental issues.

Customization with your logo.

Fashion and trendy colors.

Fast and accurate delivery times.


Fast and accurate delivery times!

The quality of our products sets us apart

We are available for every need, it is enough that you contact us!

A young company that cares about the environment and customer needs
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We make any plastic component printed at the customer's request.

We are INTRATECH, a young Italian company dealing with plastic injection molding. The location of our premises is Belluno, the industrial Area of Alpago, in the Northern part of Italy.
Our products are born from the passion, the tradition and the ice-cream experience of Belluno and the Made in Italy quality.
We deal with injection molding of plastic materials, making cups, glasses and spoons for ice cream and any plastic component printed on customer request.
Our food packaging products are made of first choice food grade polypropylene.

To overcome the environmental problem of the use and disposal of plastic, we have introduced A BIO LINE, characterized by the biodegradability of the product in a medium time (and in any case within a maximum of 5 years), thus ensuring the eco-sustainability of our production.

A dynamic line, in step with the times and winning: just like us.
The beauty and uniqueness of our territory have inspired us to invest in the development of biodegradable products that respect the environment by applying European regulations.
Each of our customers is unique and different and that’s why INTRATECH offers them CUSTOMIZED products, following their needs and will.

ATTENTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND CUSTOMIZATION are just two of the distinctive elements of our company.

We take care of everything

taking care of every detail of your request and delivering the product according to highest quality standards.

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